Marine Services


Mexico to USA / USA to Mexico

Greg Rhew as a captain, mechanic and commercial diver help to ensure a safety delivery.



If you at Sea and you engine won’t start, we providing a Towing services.

VHF 16 – Gregory Rhew call

Whatsapp: 613-109-7154



We go to you either land or sea, our mobile services allow us expedite our services to you.


Electrical, mechanical, marine plumming, waxing, fiber glass repair, electronics installation, diagnostic, Hull cleaning, etc.


We do the logistics for you.

Delivery at your door


FROM and TO United States

A flat percentage can be charge with out need dimensions or weight.

A flat rate can be charge if we use your TIP.

Underwater Pile Cutting Services.

Gregory Rhew certified on Comercial Diver offering his services as a cortesy to Marina Puerto Escondido.

Customer Feedback


My experience in working with Greg was always positive.

He was professional, timely, accommodating. He was an important consideration in my decision to place my boat in Puerto Escondido.

Bill Smith S/V Kook

Dear Sirs

I would like to inform your office that I have dealt with Greg Rhee for the repair of my vessel Aries, with is currently in storage at your yard. Greg replaced the engine mounts on our diesel engine. It was not easy to source the replacement parts, and Greg had to try twice to find them, the first ones being the wrong size. He then had to cut out the old mounts which were in a very difficult location to remove. The work was done cheerfully, and the charge for the work was reasonable.

 I was very grateful that Greg was available in Puerto Escondido to do this specialized and difficult work, otherwise I would have to have taken my boat to La Paz to do the work, and to store the boat.


David Green /President /Carmanah Management Corporation


It has been my distinct pleasure to have known Greg Rhew and his wife Mary, and to have witnessed their work and expertise.  Greg has a broad knowledge in mechanical, electrical and hydraulic  marine systems.  He is particularly skilled in the dynastic and trouble shooting in virtually all marine systems found today on both modern sophisticated yachts and vintage yachts with older systems.

His underwater skills are unique due to has training.  This gives him the ability to make certain underwater repairs most technicians are unable to do. I would recommend Greg Rhew and his team to any yacht owner looking for an experienced company to serve their every need including their vast experience in yacht management.



Puerto Escondido Marine Greg Rhew